Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Cruising

Sexy Stud has been using his Facebook account as a cruising tool!  

On Christmas Day, Sexy Stud was online again, inviting young cuties to his Makati condo! Walang patawadBut this is not surprising anymore as he has really been using his two Facebook accounts as cruising tool!
Taken from Sexy Stud's sex video
     Two young and good-looking discreet gays who are in SS's contact list swear that many times, SS chatted with them and invited them to his condo.  This blogger saw the evidence: saved messages on Facebook!  Remember his video scandal? That was actually taken from a video chat with a young gay-guy. A few months ago, he was in a ménage à trois with Reality Show hottie and  the latter's partner. Yup! He's into young,  cute gays! 
       Flashback: Though hounded by gay chismis, Sexy Stud was a staple leading man in pito-pito sexy films in the late 90's.  The slump in local movies forced him to work as hosto in Japan, together with other sexy actors and models who confirmed that SS is gay! Yes, he is a full-blooded homo, not a bi as he claimed in a talk show last year. He returned to show biz also last year, playing all-out gay roles in a teleserye  and indie gay movies.  
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  1. Cofeecat Gandang Calma! Sureness...

  2. Who is this Sexy Stud? Any clue? Initial of the name please.