Monday, December 26, 2011

Gay Beauty's Jersey Number 7

Gay Comedian's BF is a basketball cutie who donned
jersey number 7 in his college team!

Last night, on Gay Comedian’s weekly show, an equally popular comedienne gifted GC with a basketball jersey of a university basketball team. On a daily show, GC’s co-hosts have also been constantly teasing him about basketball stuff.


Because GC’s boyfriend is a hard court figure who was a popular player from the same university where GC graduated. So more than being an alumnus, GC  became an ardent supporter of the school's basketball team because of his BF, a cutie who donned jersey Number 7! 

So there!  Sexy Actor 1 is just for the pakilig in GC’s shows even as the popular comedian openly admitted that SA is his longtime crush! And of course, GC is just a client of Sexy Actor 2, who is a member of an erupting team!

Gandang pang box-office, isn’t it?

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