Friday, December 23, 2011

PH Media's Pride

Senior Reporter of Revitalized Network does regular  "theater tour"
and is a patron of gay indie movies. 

Thanks to journalists, we get to be informed and respond to the Sendong tragedy. Yes, these brave men and women allow us to understand and take action on issues and situations.

And like celebrities, they, too, are hounded by intrigues! For instance, whispers in and out of news biz hint that the following are members of the third kind
  1. Former Female Head of Big Network, known for her high ethical standards; 
  2. FFH's Female Immediate Subordinate, still one of BN's bossings
  3. Male Veteran Anchor of BN, brother of a confirmed gay; 
  4. Boyish Reporter of Big Network, obviously out on his social media site; 
  5. Cute Male Anchor of Another Big Network, known for his bitchy Twitter posts; 
  6. Occasional Male News Anchor of ABN, too mild-mannered for a straight guy; 
  7. Reporter of ABN, known for exaggerating the long e sound of his name; 
  8. Senior Reporter of Revitalized Network, known theater tourist and gay indie movies fan; and 
  9. Former Talk Show Host now with RN, known for his short-lived affairs with girls. 
And the list goes on!  But of course, in their respective news organizations, these media personalities are regarded as pambato!

Proudly gay!

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