Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MMFF Award Shoo-in?

Too bad that if Handsome Actor wins in the MMFF tonight, IA will be credited for it!

If Handsome Actor wins in the MMFF Awards Night later, it must be the handiwork of Influential Actress who vowed she would do everything possible to make him win!
     In their movie’s presscon and in all promotional interviews, she heaped praises on HA, using all the superlatives to describe his acting! Her Twitter posts are  likewise replete with tribute for HA!
       IA is good at mind conditioning, remember?
      The commitment is supposedly IA’s token of gratitude to HA for (1) co-producing the movie with her; (2) being her leading man (HA is from rival network); and (3) being supportive to IA’s political heavyweight sibling!
   Days before the MMFF, IA already threw her weight around, making sure that all her movie's prints will come out on time! Of course, by now, you know that this pressure from IA has jeopardized the release of another movie’s prints!
    Too bad that if HA wins by his own merit, IA will be credited for it! IA and her big mouth! Whatever happened to the No Wangwang policy, by the way? 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Cruising

Sexy Stud has been using his Facebook account as a cruising tool!  

On Christmas Day, Sexy Stud was online again, inviting young cuties to his Makati condo! Walang patawadBut this is not surprising anymore as he has really been using his two Facebook accounts as cruising tool!
Taken from Sexy Stud's sex video
     Two young and good-looking discreet gays who are in SS's contact list swear that many times, SS chatted with them and invited them to his condo.  This blogger saw the evidence: saved messages on Facebook!  Remember his video scandal? That was actually taken from a video chat with a young gay-guy. A few months ago, he was in a ménage à trois with Reality Show hottie and  the latter's partner. Yup! He's into young,  cute gays! 
       Flashback: Though hounded by gay chismis, Sexy Stud was a staple leading man in pito-pito sexy films in the late 90's.  The slump in local movies forced him to work as hosto in Japan, together with other sexy actors and models who confirmed that SS is gay! Yes, he is a full-blooded homo, not a bi as he claimed in a talk show last year. He returned to show biz also last year, playing all-out gay roles in a teleserye  and indie gay movies.  
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Gay Beauty's Jersey Number 7

Gay Comedian's BF is a basketball cutie who donned
jersey number 7 in his college team!

Last night, on Gay Comedian’s weekly show, an equally popular comedienne gifted GC with a basketball jersey of a university basketball team. On a daily show, GC’s co-hosts have also been constantly teasing him about basketball stuff.


Because GC’s boyfriend is a hard court figure who was a popular player from the same university where GC graduated. So more than being an alumnus, GC  became an ardent supporter of the school's basketball team because of his BF, a cutie who donned jersey Number 7! 

So there!  Sexy Actor 1 is just for the pakilig in GC’s shows even as the popular comedian openly admitted that SA is his longtime crush! And of course, GC is just a client of Sexy Actor 2, who is a member of an erupting team!

Gandang pang box-office, isn’t it?

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chickened Out

Powerful Figure committed all-out support 
to Young Actress, the current flame of his son.
For illustration only
Taken from
It’s Christmas, but nowhere is Controversial Host in the country!

Remember, he announced he would be back before Christmas for hosting commitments and finalize the deal for the online show he would continue doing even while abroad.

Sources say the booked hosting stints were cancelled, and that the revival of his online show has been shelved.

But apart from these, the recent counteractions of Young Actress’s camp cowed him.  That’s understandable!  Imagine:  
  • A formidable legal team vowing it will do everything to prevent him from leaving (immediately) the country again; and
  • Powerful Figure committing all-out support to YA, the current flame of his son. (Remember, PF made the announcement about his son’s relationship with YA).
CH has no choice but to continue bellowing in revenge online! 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inay Scorned

Feisty Female Host holds Hunk Actor's other scandalous secrets that would 
shame that recent tell-all of his ex!    
Why is Fiesty Female Host apparently not in the line of defense for the embattled Hunk Actor? In fact, she has been openly criticizing HA in her shows.  Worse, the actor has also been the subject of her daily column's blind items

For illustration only
Taken from
     Rewind:  FFH and HA were considered mag-ina! On HA's road to superstardom, FFH was her staunch supporter, fawning over him in her columns and shows! For every attack against HA, an explosive counter-attack from FFH and her clout was expected. 
     The two went through several publicized tampuhan, too, but these were immediately resolved whenever HA would kneel down to profusely say sorry, followed by the "intervention" of his family (who became close to FFH) and career handlers.   
     FFH complained that the actor has the tendency to take his supporters (fans included) for granted.  This is the same grumble of  Overbearing Columnist-Manager whose prized talent was also hoodwinked by HA's pa-kilig ways.  His former tatay-tayan cum "providers" in his early days in show biz echo this similar sentiment. HA knows the many W's and H of "using", they all claim!
     So has FFH felt taken for granted yet again? Is this another case of tampurorot? Or is there any other reason for the fall out? 
     Look: Unlike before when HA and his quarter would scramble to appease FFH, they are seemingly unruffled and undaunted this time. There is no move (yet?) to reach out to the nanay! 
     FFH, it is said, is one of the few who knows HA's other scandalous secrets that would shame that recent tell-all interview of his ex! 
     Let's see what's gonna happen after Christmas (HA is good at timing, FYI!).  Pustahan: FFH will either continue revealing all other juicy details, or sing hallelujahs in praise of HA once more!
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Friday, December 23, 2011

PH Media's Pride

Senior Reporter of Revitalized Network does regular  "theater tour"
and is a patron of gay indie movies. 

Thanks to journalists, we get to be informed and respond to the Sendong tragedy. Yes, these brave men and women allow us to understand and take action on issues and situations.

And like celebrities, they, too, are hounded by intrigues! For instance, whispers in and out of news biz hint that the following are members of the third kind
  1. Former Female Head of Big Network, known for her high ethical standards; 
  2. FFH's Female Immediate Subordinate, still one of BN's bossings
  3. Male Veteran Anchor of BN, brother of a confirmed gay; 
  4. Boyish Reporter of Big Network, obviously out on his social media site; 
  5. Cute Male Anchor of Another Big Network, known for his bitchy Twitter posts; 
  6. Occasional Male News Anchor of ABN, too mild-mannered for a straight guy; 
  7. Reporter of ABN, known for exaggerating the long e sound of his name; 
  8. Senior Reporter of Revitalized Network, known theater tourist and gay indie movies fan; and 
  9. Former Talk Show Host now with RN, known for his short-lived affairs with girls. 
And the list goes on!  But of course, in their respective news organizations, these media personalities are regarded as pambato!

Proudly gay!

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Circus Battle of the Well-Connected

It seems that contrary to her claim, Scandalous Mom
found another match in Former Actress!
     Scandalous Mom confidently said she would easily win in her current legal battle against equally controversial Former Actress.  "Ito, parang appetizer ko lang ito,"  she said, adding that she's actually enjoying going to court.
     Let's see! 
     Further, SM admitted that among the cases she faced in court, the one with Feisty Female Host was the most challenging. "Mabigat kong nakalaban, si ______ ! ‘Yun lang ‘yun!" she quipped. 
     You know why? Both SM and FH are well-connected! Theirs was a battle that involved the influential!   SM hobnobs with the big figures in and out of show biz; while FH is the staunch supporter cum "mother" of a controversial politician's son, among others. Of course, we all know that in the end, SM's links were proven more powerful! 
     Back to the SM-FA fray. It seems that contrary to her claim, SM found another match in FA! After a much-publicized initial face-off a few weeks ago, SM made an appeal to a Justice Department authority, alleging that FA has connections with the judges!  True or not, FA, apparently, is going all-out! FA's interviews and Twitter posts show she is unshakeable!   
     Another battle royale, indeed! 
     Flashback: FA sued FFH not so long ago. And among FA's consultant-supporter in that case was SM! 
     Show biz circus! 
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Blogger and the Host

Yet again, Popular Blogger has just posted one of the supposed many videos of Controversial Host and Young Actress!
    Note that CH's "final statement" to counter the statement released by YA's camp found it through PB's site when CH's (former) network did not release it, together with his pre-departure tell-all interview.
   Note, too, that days before the highly explosive video (starring CH alone) came out, PB made a blind item about it, with details that matched those in the said video.
           But let's not forget this:
  Few weeks before the controversy broke out, CH lambasted PB on a show he was co-hosting when another gay co-host shared an item that was supposedly fed by PB. PB's scoops are not reliable, CH said on TV! PB and his followers, of course, reacted via Twitter and blog.
      So what happened? Nakakalito ba or interconnected? Hmmmm... 
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Zoren: The Z in Papparazi

       Zoren Legazpi is truly a breath of fresh on TV5's Papparazi as his co-hosts are veterans in show biz talk shows. Most significantly, however, he spices up the show! His spontaneous, no- holds-barred approach makes the show interesting! Imagine a straight actor feeding the public with juicy info about his co-actors, or giving biting comments about them or any show biz issue.
        Imagine Zoren!
       But more than the aliw factor he brings, he proves that not all actors are showbiz (if you know what I mean!).
      Sans image strategists, the actor-director certainly knows how to reinvent himself. He knows how to survive in a highly competitive industry.  
        Before crossing to entertainment show, he hosted a short-lived family-oriented talk show with partner Carmina Villaroel.  But of course, he is best known for his dramatic TV and movie roles, both as lead and support.  Let's not forget also that he was also an action star and a sizzling actor!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sexy Hypocrite

       A few days ago, Gay Comedian held a contest for his followers on Twitter. He would give away an iPhone4S to the one with the "craziest idea" to do just to win. 
        Funny, unimaginable entries were sent (winning entry: Magbubungee jumping ako gamit miswa!).  This blogger joined the fun with this entry: I will patiently tutor Sexy Comedienne. It's called supreme sacrifice!
   SC, who was apparently online then, reacted immediately, saying she was offended by the entry. 
             This blogger retorted: SC got mad at my entry to GC's game! But on live TV shows where she's openly called and portrayed dumb, it's okay! In comedy bars where she willingly allows herself to be treated with lowest regard by both her co-hosts and guests, she's even happy! So what makes Twitter any different? In fact, the entry was just a joke, written along other similar entries and much more "tempered" than all the tags  accorded to her. Spell HYPOCRISY!
      If you haven't seen SC's yucky sex video, go watch her hosting stints in comedy bars, and discover that the description above is, in fact, an understatement. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

That Cocky Young Star

       Also spotted at Starbucks-Tomas Morato was Reality Shows (yes,  plural!) Product who sat alone outside, casually chatting with the guard. 
       By the entrance was Pretty Mestiza, who was the subject of guessing that night: Is she a girl? Some of us, RSP included, were staring at her in puzzlement, especially because she was with Cross-dressing Gay (no doubt!) friend! 
       Seated near RSP, my friends and I overheard RSP telling the guard that he would "check". And "check" he did! He invited PM and CG to his table. An exchange of pleasantries ensued.   Then, RSP gestured to the guard that PM was indeed a girl! 
       We could hear the three talk about random topics, with RSP recurrently mentioning about a new project coming up. Occasionally though, CG would speak with PM in Bisaya, coupled with that gay guffaw! RSP was irked by this, and told this to CG, who, surprisingly, wouldn't accept that there was anything wrong with his gesture! He reasoned that he talks to PM that way! RSP stressed that it was inappropriate especially because he's even a foreigner. He mentioned his full name this time -- to prove that he is not a full-blooded Pinoy
      Sensing (maybe!) that CG would not still apologize, he ended the issue. "Okay, never mind," he said.  He then explained that he was not in his best element as he just came from a taping. 
     But he was a picture of cockiness and arrogance when he told the guard that we would check PM's gender! He was in his best element then! 
       Then, he bade goodbye to the two! 
       Guess what GC said as soon as RSP left? More or less:  "Sino s'ya? Ni hindi ko alam na artista s'ya? At kung artista man s'ya. eh ano naman? Starlet!"  These biting comments were, of course, punctuated by that gay guffaw again! 
       Tawang-tawa si Manong guard!
       Aside from the clues above, RSP is also an underwear model (see image). 'Di pa rin kuha? Ask Manong guard! 
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quirky Tweets

       Gabby Politician's love affair with then Sexy Star -- bankable and award-winning -- was controversial, making P famous and an instant celebrity at that.  SS's family did not approve of the affair not only because of the big age difference but also because according to TSS's outspoken sister, P's arrogance was just unbearable! 
        But love prevailed! 
       SS chose P over her family, which resulted to a much-publicized scuffle between P and TSS's family! P also gave up a rosy career, with P publicly announcing that he would buy out all SS's existing contracts. The couple tied the knot twice.
     Like other celebrity unions, their marriage was not spared from breakup rumors, which the two vehemently denied. 
      SS went back to acting, but was relegated to supporting roles, and lately, mother roles. 
      P has remained very controversial: gay rumors (A lady journalist asked, Are you gay?" He replied: “How do you know? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not." Check the interview on Youtube); absenteeism (He is in his office working, he reasoned); and lately....quirky tweets? Look:

Note: He also tweets about relevant issues, and replies to some of his followers. Check his timeline. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Spotted: Teen Idols

Spotted at Starbucks-Morato a few nights ago were Growing Up stars Kathryn Bernardo, Julia Montes and Daniel Padilla.  The teens were casually enjoying the night with some friends, unperturbed by fascinated onlookers.  Apparently, it was a gimik night  for them, a respite from their rather busy schedules. The youngsters, we learn, frequent fast food chains and game arcades to hang out.  
While some stars of their age get strung out on alcohol and find excuse from the line "it's part of growing up" when criticized, the three popular teen stars choose clean fun! Indeed, they are living up to their Growing Up characters as role models.