Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Blogger and the Host

Yet again, Popular Blogger has just posted one of the supposed many videos of Controversial Host and Young Actress!
    Note that CH's "final statement" to counter the statement released by YA's camp found it through PB's site when CH's (former) network did not release it, together with his pre-departure tell-all interview.
   Note, too, that days before the highly explosive video (starring CH alone) came out, PB made a blind item about it, with details that matched those in the said video.
           But let's not forget this:
  Few weeks before the controversy broke out, CH lambasted PB on a show he was co-hosting when another gay co-host shared an item that was supposedly fed by PB. PB's scoops are not reliable, CH said on TV! PB and his followers, of course, reacted via Twitter and blog.
      So what happened? Nakakalito ba or interconnected? Hmmmm... 
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