Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Zoren: The Z in Papparazi

       Zoren Legazpi is truly a breath of fresh on TV5's Papparazi as his co-hosts are veterans in show biz talk shows. Most significantly, however, he spices up the show! His spontaneous, no- holds-barred approach makes the show interesting! Imagine a straight actor feeding the public with juicy info about his co-actors, or giving biting comments about them or any show biz issue.
        Imagine Zoren!
       But more than the aliw factor he brings, he proves that not all actors are showbiz (if you know what I mean!).
      Sans image strategists, the actor-director certainly knows how to reinvent himself. He knows how to survive in a highly competitive industry.  
        Before crossing to entertainment show, he hosted a short-lived family-oriented talk show with partner Carmina Villaroel.  But of course, he is best known for his dramatic TV and movie roles, both as lead and support.  Let's not forget also that he was also an action star and a sizzling actor!
         Imagine Sexy Zoren after the jump!

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