Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chickened Out

Powerful Figure committed all-out support 
to Young Actress, the current flame of his son.
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It’s Christmas, but nowhere is Controversial Host in the country!

Remember, he announced he would be back before Christmas for hosting commitments and finalize the deal for the online show he would continue doing even while abroad.

Sources say the booked hosting stints were cancelled, and that the revival of his online show has been shelved.

But apart from these, the recent counteractions of Young Actress’s camp cowed him.  That’s understandable!  Imagine:  
  • A formidable legal team vowing it will do everything to prevent him from leaving (immediately) the country again; and
  • Powerful Figure committing all-out support to YA, the current flame of his son. (Remember, PF made the announcement about his son’s relationship with YA).
CH has no choice but to continue bellowing in revenge online! 

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