Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inay Scorned

Feisty Female Host holds Hunk Actor's other scandalous secrets that would 
shame that recent tell-all of his ex!    
Why is Fiesty Female Host apparently not in the line of defense for the embattled Hunk Actor? In fact, she has been openly criticizing HA in her shows.  Worse, the actor has also been the subject of her daily column's blind items

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     Rewind:  FFH and HA were considered mag-ina! On HA's road to superstardom, FFH was her staunch supporter, fawning over him in her columns and shows! For every attack against HA, an explosive counter-attack from FFH and her clout was expected. 
     The two went through several publicized tampuhan, too, but these were immediately resolved whenever HA would kneel down to profusely say sorry, followed by the "intervention" of his family (who became close to FFH) and career handlers.   
     FFH complained that the actor has the tendency to take his supporters (fans included) for granted.  This is the same grumble of  Overbearing Columnist-Manager whose prized talent was also hoodwinked by HA's pa-kilig ways.  His former tatay-tayan cum "providers" in his early days in show biz echo this similar sentiment. HA knows the many W's and H of "using", they all claim!
     So has FFH felt taken for granted yet again? Is this another case of tampurorot? Or is there any other reason for the fall out? 
     Look: Unlike before when HA and his quarter would scramble to appease FFH, they are seemingly unruffled and undaunted this time. There is no move (yet?) to reach out to the nanay! 
     FFH, it is said, is one of the few who knows HA's other scandalous secrets that would shame that recent tell-all interview of his ex! 
     Let's see what's gonna happen after Christmas (HA is good at timing, FYI!).  Pustahan: FFH will either continue revealing all other juicy details, or sing hallelujahs in praise of HA once more!
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