Monday, December 19, 2011

That Cocky Young Star

       Also spotted at Starbucks-Tomas Morato was Reality Shows (yes,  plural!) Product who sat alone outside, casually chatting with the guard. 
       By the entrance was Pretty Mestiza, who was the subject of guessing that night: Is she a girl? Some of us, RSP included, were staring at her in puzzlement, especially because she was with Cross-dressing Gay (no doubt!) friend! 
       Seated near RSP, my friends and I overheard RSP telling the guard that he would "check". And "check" he did! He invited PM and CG to his table. An exchange of pleasantries ensued.   Then, RSP gestured to the guard that PM was indeed a girl! 
       We could hear the three talk about random topics, with RSP recurrently mentioning about a new project coming up. Occasionally though, CG would speak with PM in Bisaya, coupled with that gay guffaw! RSP was irked by this, and told this to CG, who, surprisingly, wouldn't accept that there was anything wrong with his gesture! He reasoned that he talks to PM that way! RSP stressed that it was inappropriate especially because he's even a foreigner. He mentioned his full name this time -- to prove that he is not a full-blooded Pinoy
      Sensing (maybe!) that CG would not still apologize, he ended the issue. "Okay, never mind," he said.  He then explained that he was not in his best element as he just came from a taping. 
     But he was a picture of cockiness and arrogance when he told the guard that we would check PM's gender! He was in his best element then! 
       Then, he bade goodbye to the two! 
       Guess what GC said as soon as RSP left? More or less:  "Sino s'ya? Ni hindi ko alam na artista s'ya? At kung artista man s'ya. eh ano naman? Starlet!"  These biting comments were, of course, punctuated by that gay guffaw again! 
       Tawang-tawa si Manong guard!
       Aside from the clues above, RSP is also an underwear model (see image). 'Di pa rin kuha? Ask Manong guard! 
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