Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sexy Hypocrite

       A few days ago, Gay Comedian held a contest for his followers on Twitter. He would give away an iPhone4S to the one with the "craziest idea" to do just to win. 
        Funny, unimaginable entries were sent (winning entry: Magbubungee jumping ako gamit miswa!).  This blogger joined the fun with this entry: I will patiently tutor Sexy Comedienne. It's called supreme sacrifice!
   SC, who was apparently online then, reacted immediately, saying she was offended by the entry. 
             This blogger retorted: SC got mad at my entry to GC's game! But on live TV shows where she's openly called and portrayed dumb, it's okay! In comedy bars where she willingly allows herself to be treated with lowest regard by both her co-hosts and guests, she's even happy! So what makes Twitter any different? In fact, the entry was just a joke, written along other similar entries and much more "tempered" than all the tags  accorded to her. Spell HYPOCRISY!
      If you haven't seen SC's yucky sex video, go watch her hosting stints in comedy bars, and discover that the description above is, in fact, an understatement. 

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