Thursday, December 22, 2011

Circus Battle of the Well-Connected

It seems that contrary to her claim, Scandalous Mom
found another match in Former Actress!
     Scandalous Mom confidently said she would easily win in her current legal battle against equally controversial Former Actress.  "Ito, parang appetizer ko lang ito,"  she said, adding that she's actually enjoying going to court.
     Let's see! 
     Further, SM admitted that among the cases she faced in court, the one with Feisty Female Host was the most challenging. "Mabigat kong nakalaban, si ______ ! ‘Yun lang ‘yun!" she quipped. 
     You know why? Both SM and FH are well-connected! Theirs was a battle that involved the influential!   SM hobnobs with the big figures in and out of show biz; while FH is the staunch supporter cum "mother" of a controversial politician's son, among others. Of course, we all know that in the end, SM's links were proven more powerful! 
     Back to the SM-FA fray. It seems that contrary to her claim, SM found another match in FA! After a much-publicized initial face-off a few weeks ago, SM made an appeal to a Justice Department authority, alleging that FA has connections with the judges!  True or not, FA, apparently, is going all-out! FA's interviews and Twitter posts show she is unshakeable!   
     Another battle royale, indeed! 
     Flashback: FA sued FFH not so long ago. And among FA's consultant-supporter in that case was SM! 
     Show biz circus! 
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