Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quirky Tweets

       Gabby Politician's love affair with then Sexy Star -- bankable and award-winning -- was controversial, making P famous and an instant celebrity at that.  SS's family did not approve of the affair not only because of the big age difference but also because according to TSS's outspoken sister, P's arrogance was just unbearable! 
        But love prevailed! 
       SS chose P over her family, which resulted to a much-publicized scuffle between P and TSS's family! P also gave up a rosy career, with P publicly announcing that he would buy out all SS's existing contracts. The couple tied the knot twice.
     Like other celebrity unions, their marriage was not spared from breakup rumors, which the two vehemently denied. 
      SS went back to acting, but was relegated to supporting roles, and lately, mother roles. 
      P has remained very controversial: gay rumors (A lady journalist asked, Are you gay?" He replied: “How do you know? I don’t know, maybe, maybe not." Check the interview on Youtube); absenteeism (He is in his office working, he reasoned); and lately....quirky tweets? Look:

Note: He also tweets about relevant issues, and replies to some of his followers. Check his timeline. 

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